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video voyuerism, up skirt, Pensacola, Personal cameras are relatively cheap and ubiquitous these days. Practically every cell phone on the market comes with a camera that can record still photos and video. Stand-alone digital cameras are also common.

With new technologies, the personal computer being a great example, also comes the ability to abuse them in ways which can result in serious criminal charges being brought against otherwise law-abiding citizens.

One crime associated with digital cameras or recording systems like the ones mentioned above is video voyeurism. The legal definition of “video voyeurism” in Florida is when an electronic recording device is used to record an image of another person who is dressing, undressing or privately exposing their body, or recording under or through another person’s clothing or underwear motivated by amusement, entertainment, sexual arousal, gratification or sometimes profit. This crime is a violation of Florida Statute §810.145 (2).