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1146563_75222141.jpgMany Florida and Pensacola lawyers are asked about whether it is illegal to record telephone calls. Florida Statute section 934 governs the recording of electronic communications in Florida. It’s extremely important to seek legal advice from an attorney if you are considering recording telephone calls or oral communication between parties. This article does not serve as legal advice.

In Florida, generally all parties must consent to the recording or the disclosure of the contents of any wire, oral or electronic communication. This means phone calls! Recording, disclosing, or endeavoring to disclose without the consent of all parties is a felony, unless the interception is a first offense committed without any illegal purpose, and not for commercial gain. Florida Statute section 934.03.

1093768_65239316.jpgUnder the statute, consent is not required for the taping of a non-electronic communication uttered by a person who does not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” in that communication. However, this oral communication must be one that is made in a setting in which a person does not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” There are various circumstances when a person may not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. See also Florida Statute section 934.02 for the definition of “oral communication.” See also Stevenson v. State, 667 So.2d 410 (Fla. DCA1996); Paredes v. State, 760 So.2d 167 (Fla. DCA 2000).